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How To Remove Dental Cement From Crown?

November 11, 2022

Dental cement is a strong, adhesive material that secures dental crowns. While dental cement is very effective in holding crowns in place, it can also be challenging to remove if necessary. Here are some ways to remove dental cement from dental crowns

Can You Remove Cemented Crowns? 

It is very challenging to remove dental cement with dental crowns. For this, the dentists tend to gently move the crown until the adhesive seal is wholly broken. Although dental cement removal is a painless procedure, it requires a slow evaluation of your oral health conditions. Based on these propositions, your dentist will be able to make the final decision and the procedure with which the dental cement is to be removed from the dental crown. Sometimes, excess dental cement presence leads to complete dental crown removal, which depends on what verdict your dentist will give you. 

What Dissolves Dental Cement?

If you need to remove dental cement from a crown, your dentist sometimes uses a definite solution. This solution comprises organic acid with a COOH radical. On the other hand, citric acid is another recommended material that helps in dissolving dental cement effectively. 

How Long Does Dental Cement Last On A Crown?

A cemented dental crown is made to get permanently fixed in your mouth, which is meant for proper oral functionality and aesthetics. Dental cement lasts on a crown for over 15 years. Once your dental crown has adequately been cemented, it requires 24 hours to harden completely. The adhesion strength of dental cements ranges from 18 to 30MPa. 

Clinical Solutions For Removing Dental Cement 

You can remove dental cement from a crown in a few ways. One way is to use a dental pick or a toothbrush to scrape the adhesive off of the crown gently. Another way is to use a dental drill to remove the cement. Sometimes you will find your dentist forcing a metal band between teeth to break the tight contact of dental cement with dental crowns. The oral procedure can also be done with the help of a #12 blade, which helps remove occlusal embrasure. 

Having a dental crown is a permanent procedure that helps you close the path of any bacteria entering the affected area. However, the removal of a permanently cemented crown is found to be a complex procedure for an orthodontist. To remove dental cement from the crown, prosthodontists often tend to carry out the sectioning of the crown on the facial structure. This is further followed by the removal of the crown with the help of an orthodontic plier. Carrying out this procedure does not damage the periodontal tissues or your underlying tooth structure and is considered effective. 

Dental Crown Aftercare Tips 

  • Dental crown aftercare starts immediately after the completion of the procedure. The following aftercare tips are imminent. 
  • You need to avoid chewy foods or food that is sticky. 
  • Careful flossing and mouthwash twice a day are a must.
  • Regular gentle brushing avoids the crown area. 

The Final Verdict 

If you have difficulty removing dental cement from the crown, you should consult your dentist. They will be able to help you remove the cement without damaging the dental crown at all. It's high time you notice these delicate things inside your mouth, which, if left untreated, can lead to fatal consequences.

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