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“Dance like no one’s watching, brush like your dentist is”
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Did you know that most people spend about 30 seconds brushing their teeth, yet we all know the 2 minute rule.  We are busy, we are tired, confused by all dental thrown at us,  no wonder it is still a trend.  Unfortunately, the plaque left behind is not forgiving, causing gum inflammation, tooth loss, cavities and bad breath.  By having routine dental exams and cleanings, we can help you reverse, repair, replace and avoid dental issues mentioned.

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What to expect

1h 30 min appt

You begin your journey with us with a complete examination.  Either our hygienist or an assistant will begin by taking x rays, and photographs of your teeth.  We will take your blood pressure and go over your medical information, perform oral cancer screening and take measurements of your gums to aid us in determining  the type of cleaning you might need.  We will go over all the findings in regards to both your teeth and gums, and recommend a treatment plan to customize your needs and desires.  After the cleaning, we will go over proper techniques in both brushing and flossing and recommend our favorite brands of toothbrushes, floss and rinses.  And the best part…..we will also recommend a delicious candy to chew on that is HEALTHY for your teeth!!!!

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