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Dental Crown

 Crown are restorations that cover an entire tooth that has lost most of its structural support and will most likely fracture without the protection.  If we see very wide fillings with very thin walls of the tooth left, we will recommend a crown, as a tooth like that has a very high chance of fracture.  Most teeth that have had root canal therapy also need coverage to them being hollowed out and now dehydrated due to the lack of blood supply  We strive to bond all of our restorations to teeth making the tooth “whole” again, increasing longevity and decreasing the risk of fracture.

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What to expect

1st appointment

Unless your tooth has had root canal therapy, we will anesthetize the area.  One of our assistants will take a mold of your tooth in order to make you a temporary cown by the end of the appointment.  We will prepare your tooth for a crown, and make an impression.  You will leave our office with a temporary crown cemented for about 2 weeks.

2nd appointment

We will remove the temporary crown and clean your tooth.  One of our assistants will take an xray to make sure the crown is seated properly and everything is nicely sealed.  Once we confirm that, we will bond your restoration.  On most occasions, you will be able to eat right away.  

Learn More about Dental Crowns

On this page, Dr. Lyuda explains the different reasons you may need a dental crown, and what the process is a VIP Dental Lounge.

What is a Dental Crown and Why It May Be Needed

In this video, Dr. Lyuda explains what a dental crown is and what an artistic crown is. She walks through the different reasons why someone may need a dental crown such as-decayed tooth, really wide fillings, after a root canal, or pure aesthetics.

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Dental Crown Simulation

In this video, Dr. Lyuda goes through a simulation of the procedure used to place a dental crown.

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What is an Artistic Dental Crown

For any front teeth that are visible when you smile, extra precaution needs to be taken to ensure that the tooth we are replacing with a crown looks extremely natural as well as mimics the surrounding teeth. To achieve this, we utilize a local lab that comes to the office for ‘custom shading’. Additionally, we spend a lot of time ‘designing’ the tooth to match your natural variations to account for features like translucency, shape, color, etc.

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Dental Crowns Testimonial

Sarah is a patient of ours that had unfortunately fainted once and fell breaking her front two teeth. She came to Dr. Lyuda to get the artistic dental crowns to provide the most natural look. In this video, she describes her experience at VIP Dental Lounge

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