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Dental Implants in Portage Park

Dental Implants are an excellent way to replace missing teeth. Implant is invisible to your eye, as it replaces the root of the tooth.   Having an implant gives you a huge advantage over other options, such as preserving bone, being able to floss between teeth, and get you the closest to the lost chewing capacity.  They offer the greatest long term results. Dental Implants can be used to replace a single tooth or multiple implants can be used to support a full denture. 

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What to expect

We will get your tissue numb by placing a topical gel and then get you fully numb with anesthetic.  You might feel pressure but please let us know if you feel any pain so that we can get you more comfortable.  We will take one or a few x-rays throughout the procedure to make sure we have the accurate angulation and depth. You might leave seeing something metallic in your mouth, which is called an abutment.  That will stay temporarily for the duration of the healing process and then we will exchange that to a crown, but we often don’t place these healing abutments and cover the implant with your gums, until the healing phase is complete. 

We will go over all the post op instructions, go over your pain medications and have you enjoy our post op goody bag. We will see in you 2 weeks for evaluation and removal of sutures

Learn More about Dental Implants

Dr. Lyuda goes through our process of utilizing guided surgery to place implants using a 3d printed surgical guide printed via a 3D scan of the implant site.

Why Dental Implants

Dr. Lyuda explains why dental implants is the most optimal choice to replace a missing tooth!

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Technology Used at Dental VIP Lounge

In this video, Dr. Lyuda walks through a case where she places multiple implants and an implant supported overdenture for a patient missing most of the upper teeth. She walks through the technology used which starts with a 3D scan using a machine called a CBCT. Once the 3D scan is done, Dr. Lyuda selects the best sites for implants placement based on a lot of factors. Once this treatment planning is done, she prints a surgical guide that allows for maximum precision for the placement of the implants on surgery day

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Are Dental Implants Invisible?

In this video, Dr. Lyuda shows on a model what the dental implant looks like underneath the gums. She goes through the different parts needed to replace a missing tooth namely-Dental Implant, Abutment, and a Crown!

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Dental Implant Simulation

In this video, Dr. Lyuda demonstrates on a simulation the process of placing a dental implant. Generally it starts with a decayed tooth that is not restorable and needs to extracted. During the day of the extraction, a procedure called Bone Grafting is done to ensure there is enough bone to support placement of an implant the day of the implant placement. Eventually the implant is covered by an Implant Crown that looks and functions just like a natural tooth!

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Dental Implants: Warranty

Dental implants are an investment and cost is always a factor. As a result, we offer multiple financing options at 0% interest. Additionally, we offer a lifetime warranty on the implants we place (as long as routine dental care is maintained) as we would like to make sure you sleep easy feeling confident that your investment is sound!

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Dental Implants Testimonial

One of our patients discusses his experience of getting dental implants at our office as well as the implant crowns.

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